In Indonesia, Enviu startup Alner (formerly Koinpack) has partnered with existing waste banks (bank sampah) to introduce reuse solutions on top of the latter's community-based waste collection and exchange schemes. Recently, Unilever announced that it will distribute its products through this Alner-Bank Sampah network. The partnership will involve at least 500 waste banks / refill outlets by year end.

We will explain in our compact climate check why the climate also benefits if you use reusable boxes and disposable cups instead of disposable containers.

Disposable cups for cold drinks are used in many places where people celebrate together, watch cultural or sporting events or simply enjoy drinks outdoors.

International reuse experiences in supermarkets and other retail establishments

Protocol to guarantee the right of consumers to buy both reusable elements

The report finds that informal street vendors in India make a compelling business case for reuse systems to significantly reduce all plastic production in order to stop plastic pollution of every kind, not just single-use plastics. In Delhi alone, transitioning about 99,000 street food vendors to reusables (stainless steel), would: Reduce plastic waste by more than 86%; Create more than 2,780 jobs; and Give a return on investment of 23% over a payback period of 2.2 years.

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