About 44% of plastic produced is for single-use plastic packaging: plastic that is used once and then disposed of, isn't this absurd?, companies can provide reuse solutions! With thanks to the team at Pabrika.

Consumers can use the app to scan the barcode (EAN) of a product for which they would like reusable packaging. The association Küste gegen Plastik collects this feedback and sends it in a bundle to the companies. The app also contains positive examples of a wide range of products for which reusable solutions are already available. Consumers can send a message to the retail chains for these products, indicating that they would like to see these products in reusable packaging in the retail chain's range.

The mission with our brand annual audit is to identify the world’s top polluting corporations. By gathering data on plastic waste collected at community cleanups around the world, brand audits allow us to challenge the plastic industry and demand real solutions. Our reports have revealed that the true driving forces of the plastic pollution crisis are the corporations producing all this plastic in the first place.

Overview of Einweg-Plastikflaschen in Deutschland

The German reusable system for beverage packaging is a climate-friendly classic. You can see which individual factors have a decisive influence on the climate footprint of the different beverage packaging in our climate check.

Plastic waste in the sea has reached dramatic proportions. Every packaging and every piece of plastic that ends up in the environment can last for centuries.

Best practice and policy recommendations for a plastic-free future for take-away vendors and large events

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