Are we disposable? With thanks to the team at Pabrika.

To spark innovative thinking and valuable discussions on this topic, QUNO has is delighted to present its latest report, which contains a focused analysis of the state of play of the packaging-free retail sector in Latin America, examining policy barriers (in the role of services) affecting the wider uptake of the packaging-free retail models in the region.

The Living Landscape of Reuse Solutions is a database of regularly updated for profit and nonprofit programs and campaigns that provide reuse solutions. It features many members of #breakfreefromplastic

At the end of January, the opinion research institute forsa asked 1,502 consumers in a representative survey on behalf of German Environmental Aid about their use of disposable and reusable packaging for take-away food and drinks.

Through this report we aim to highlight the findings of the study related to the concrete packaging sectors that present the biggest potential in terms of their environmental impacts as well as the feasibility of replacing single-use by reusable packaging in the coming years.

The report finds that informal street vendors in India make a compelling business case for reuse systems to significantly reduce all plastic production in order to stop plastic pollution of every kind, not just single-use plastics. In Delhi alone, transitioning about 99,000 street food vendors to reusables (stainless steel), would: Reduce plastic waste by more than 86%; Create more than 2,780 jobs; and Give a return on investment of 23% over a payback period of 2.2 years.

“Moving forward, processing the scrap is a layer of complexity that can be removed completely from the loop if we reuse and localise.” Janet Storey, crew member of anti-plastics campaign group Plastics Rebellion details why reuse must be put at the top of the priority list for government and industry.

Over four years, drawing on input from across the value chain, PR3 created system design standards. With our partners around the world deploying standardized reuse, we are leading the creation of new interoperable systems so that reuse can be done right.

#WeChooseReuse is calling for a future with durable and toxic-free products and packaging, where robust reuse systems are the norm throughout Europe.

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