Vision & Solutions

Reuse is part of everyday life in all sectors, all communities.

Reuse systems are accessible, affordable, and make people’s lives easier. Though the transformation from single use plastics (SUPs) takes time, the transition process is clear, just, and grounded in shared principles, cross-sector collaboration, and place-based solutions.  

Systems change

Reuse systems could cut plastic pollution by 30 percent by 2040.


Reuse systems are an achievable measure, as demonstrated by communities, businesses, and governments in different parts of the world. From policy, to reviving and celebrating traditional practices, to new perspectives on supply chains, there are a diverse range of reuse solutions that are already curbing single-use packaging.

Action needs to be taken now in:

Policy & Regulation

Mostly focused on Reuse Systems for Packaging— globally and locally.

Corporate Action

Mostly focused on  Reuse Systems for Packaging, Corporate accountability for SUP pollution, and being responsible actors in the transition away from disposability/culture.  Large/friendly companies  ; and SME as demonstrating models and making the case 

Narrative Shifting

Mostly focused on embedding reuse systems as a solution and providing ways to defend against false claims of reuse systems - while generating hope.

Behavioural Change

Mostly focused on government and corporate behaviour, in response to community pressure to provide reuse systems over SUP systems.

Movement Building

Building our movement - demonstrating our demands and power and amplifying the experiences of those who are already providing scalable models.

This vision sees three key areas for shifts needed to make reuse the norm around the world. To achieve a global reuse revolution, all sectors play a part.

Solutions Shifts

Reuse is a pathway to: 

  • ending plastic pollution 
  • achieving climate goals
  • biodiversity protection
  • reduction of toxics 
  • a more equitable world

Systems Shifts

Reuse systems will require: 

  • infrastructure 
  • financial investments
  • policy & standards
  • culture & behavior change

Cultural Shifts

Reuse systems must be convenient, accessible, and affordable, while also shifting collective attitudes and behaviors away from disposability and over-consumption.
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