About Reuse

What are Reuse Systems?

Reuse systems can be defined as a comprehensive system with multiple rotations of reusable packaging that remains within the ownership of the system and is loaned to the consumer.

Why Reuse Systems?

Although refillable alternatives that people can use to avoid single plastic are great, the scale of the plastic pollution crisis requires a systemic approach, in order to  reduce plastic production, meet climate targets, stay within our planetary boundaries, create green jobs, protect people’s health, and honor traditional knowledge.

What do reuse systems look like?

Every sector plays a crucial role:

Regulated infrastructure systems for reuse

New economic models

Global mindset and behaviour shifts

Greater justice and equity at every step

Making Reuse a Reality

Video explainer by Story of Stuff

To create a future free from plastic pollution, we need to reduce production, consumption, and dependency on single-use plastic.

We know this transition needs to be just. Reuse systems look different in different places, and for different sectors - and can be implemented both locally and globally, with some regions already embracing it already and others needing to reintroduce it.

Action needs to be taken now in:

Policy & Regulation

Mostly focused on Reuse Systems for Packaging— globally and locally.

Corporate Action

Mostly focused on  Reuse Systems for Packaging, Corporate accountability for SUP pollution, and being responsible actors in the transition away from disposability/culture.  Large/friendly companies  ; and SME as demonstrating models and making the case 

Narrative Shifting

Mostly focused on embedding reuse systems as a solution and providing ways to defend against false claims of reuse systems - while generating hope.

Behavioural Change

Mostly focused on government and corporate behaviour, in response to community pressure to provide reuse systems over SUP systems.

Movement Building

Building our movement - demonstrating our demands and power and amplifying the experiences of those who are already providing scalable models.
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